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Ethrix’s EVoIP® VAS over Cloud Platform

Ethrix’s market leading EVoIP® VAS over Cloud Platform is completely hardware agnostic and can run in an operator’s Cloud environment or on standard IT Telco hardware, with considerable CapEx and OpEx savings. EVoIP® allows the simple development and deployment of multiple VAS solutions on the same robust infrastructure. A single EVoIP® VAS over Cloud Platform can host multiple VAS applications such as Voicemail, CRBT and IVR.

Service creation is rapid and flexible using the EVoIP® toolkit that runs on industry standard tools (such as Microsoft Visual Studio). The operator can develop their own services in their own environment with their own developers making it feasible to rapidly deploy numerous focused VAS applications with low project overhead.

EVoIP® is engineered to be tightly integrated in the operator’s production environment. All computing elements, databases and storage are supplied and maintained by the operator’s IT vendors of choice. EVoIP® is completely native IP and is 4G network ready using the SIP protocol family (although it can also support legacy connectivity using standard gateways). EVoIP® uses standard protocols and API’s for both system operation and network integration.

The EVoIP® VAS over Cloud Platform has a low OpEx requirement. System hardware is maintained by the IT vendor; typically under existing service contracts by the existing engineering team and with standard spare parts. Comprehensive remote application support is provided from Ethrix’s 7 x 24 Network Operations Centre. Compared to legacy systems EVoIP® has a very small system footprint and power requirement, making the system environmental friendly.

The Benefits of Ethrix’s EVoIP® VAS over Cloud Platform

    The Erthrix EVoIP® VAS over Cloud Platform is highly differentiated and offers lower costs, simpler and more flexible deployment and operation and an enhanced Return on Investment.
  • An open, flexible, hardware agnostic, 4G Ready, Next Generation, State of the Art IP VAS – that is available today.
  • Built on Ethrix’s advanced software and architecture using non-proprietary, industry standard tools, environments and best practices.
  • A compelling user experience with new services and simple web access driving revenue and enhancing the operator’s brand.
  • Attractive CapEx driven by a simplified licensing and system sizing model.
  • Hardware Agnostic and can be deployed in a private cloud or on platforms from the operator’s IT vendor of choice (subject to SLA).
  • A Green Implementation with a substantially reduced system footprint
  • Supports multi-site deployment and geographic redundancy
  • Pure IP – Built on industry standards and easily integrated into the operator eco-system
  • Hybrid (TDM/IP) environment support enabling VAS migration now and saving upgrade pain in the future
  • Open System Standardization – Built using well known protocols and APIs with industry standard tools over IT platforms.
  • Reduced Maintenance costs because the underlying platform is part of the operator’s IT solution and due to comprehensive remote maintenance capabilities from Ethrix’s 7 x 24 Network Operations Centre.
  • A robust EVoIP® VAS over Cloud Platform enabling the rapid implementation and deployment of many market-leading revenue generating value added services including the EVoIP® Voicemail. This simplifies the ongoing VAS maintenance procedures.
  • Field Proven – The EVoIP® VAS Platform is field proven in a wide variety of operator networks worldwide.
  • Service Creation - using industry standard IDE tools and backed up with Microsoft Silver ISV partnership status.
  • The Ethrix Difference – Our corporate DNA of uncompromising customer focus and agility honed over many successful projects.