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Ethrix EVoIP Business Value Added Services

These days, telephony operators (mobile and landline) must be increasingly innovative in offering new services and creating new business models, in order to maintain market presence. It is relatively easy to establish new IP-network-based or virtual operator businesses, and the number of competitors is growing constantly. Advances in technology, growing competition and new regulations enforcing number portability make it very easy for subscribers to leave one operator and transfer to another. The same factors drive prices down. In addition, over-the-top voice services such as Skype are diverting private users and even business users away from conventional telephony operators. All of these circumstances make it more challenging for operators to derive steady revenues from traditional telephony services and packages, and to guarantee customer loyalty. In the case of business subscribers, in order to retain existing customers and attract new ones, the operator must offer highly effective value-added services, which mesh so closely with the business’s operational workflow that it literally can’t do without them. Enterprises have the choice of purchasing Ethrix value-added services from operators, or purchasing a business VAS solution directly from leading System Integrators (SIs) who implement Ethrix solutions, thereby eliminating the service fee charged by the operator.

Read more about Ethrix’s Business Product Suite – a collection of state-of-the-art, value-added telephony services, which are extremely compelling or even crucial to today’s businesses. As such, they are attractive new revenue generating opportunities for operators, and a way to strengthen the business relationship with the operator’s larger subscribers. All products in the Ethrix business product suite are implemented over Ethrix’s EVoIP VAS over Cloud Platform, allowing them to be quickly and easily deployed on the operator’s private cloud, on a dedicated server pool using standard, off-the-shelf servers from vendors such as HP, IBM and Dell, or on a public cloud if conditions are suitable. Since the operator’s existing cloud is used, this requires no additional overhead in terms of floor space, maintenance, spare parts, power usage, etc. All of the products are fully customizable by the operator and configurable by the business subscriber, using Ethrix’s simple and intuitive web or smartphone applications.