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Management Team

Shaul Wilenski Shaul Wilenski, Founder and CEO

Shaul founded Ethrix with partners Avey Gabrielli and Avi Kadosh after spending the last decade breaking ground in the telecom industry in challenging markets. During his tenure as regional sales and marketing manager for Orkit Communication in Scandinavia, Shaul introduced xDSL technologies to leading operators and led the implementation and integration of bespoke technical solutions. Over his four years at ECI Telecom, Shaul opened the Asian Pacific Rim, specifically in Singapore and Vietnam, to ECI’s customized SDH solutions.

Prior to joining the civilian high-tech market, Shaul served in the Israel Defense Forces in various high-tech special warfare and weaponry divisions. He spearheaded the cooperation between the army and civilian researchers leading to innovations in military weaponry.

Shaul received his B.Sc. in Electronics & Computer Engineering from Ben Gurion University.

Avey Gabrielli Avey Gabrielli, Founder and Executive Vice President

As Ethrix’s executive vice president and founder, Avey utilizes his years of experience in cooperate law and management as he directs the company’s financial strategy, commercial activities and daily operations.

Previous to Ethrix, Avey served as Associate Deputy in the Office of The Official Receiver at the Ministry of Justice of Israel where he honed his diverse business skills. Avey lead legal teams in the receivership of large national and multi-national organizations and oversaw the liquidation of various multi-layered organizations. Avey also served as legal counsel and advisor to Clal (Israel) LTD specializing in contract mergers, securities trading, transferring and reporting.

He has also served as a senior lecturer on corporate and bankruptcy law at various academic and non academic forums. Avey earned his LLB at the College of Management followed by a certificate in corporate law at Bar Ilan University.

Avi Kadosh Avi Kadosh, Founder and CTO

Avi, the third Ethrix founder, provides the technical vision and expertise bringing Ethrix to the forefront of the VAS telephony arena. He spearheads the technical planning, software architecture and application development of Ethrix’s diverse product and service base. Avi brings his vast knowledge of database and OLAP technology, software development, hardware integration, and report generation as well as his team management experience in to his role as director of Ethrix's software development, project management and support teams.
Previously, as Wydeband's IT manager, Avi led the development of various ground-breaking CRM tools. Prior to that at Elcomp, as the software development team leader, Avi spearheaded the development of targeting software which allows managers to better exploit their company's resources.

Elad Kadosh Elad Kadosh, Vice President of Research and Development

Elad has over ten years of experience in Research and Development and in leading development teams at Ethrix. He earned a BA in Computer Science from the Open University in Tel Aviv. Elad is a software design specialist and applies his expertise in designing Ethrix’s Integrated Development Environment.

Elad plays a key role in the development and deployment of Ethrix’s EVoIP® VAS over Cloud platform.