EVoIP® VAS over Cloud

Ethrix’s EVoIP® is a generic software only VAS Platform designed to operate over cloud, allowing operators to meet today’s VAS challenge of driving more revenue from a wider choice of segmented and highly customizable applications.

Ethrix’s EVoIP® VAS over Cloud Platform is completely hardware agnostic and can run in an operator’s Cloud environment or on standard IT Telco hardware, with considerable CAPEX and OPEX savings. Ethrix’s EVoIP® VAS over Cloud Platform is IP native and is ready for the next generation of networks such as 4G.

EVoIP® VAS over Cloud is extremely flexible and allows the simple development and deployment of multiple VAS solutions on the same robust infrastructure. A single EVoIP® VAS over Cloud Platform can host multiple VAS applications such as Ethrix’s Voicemail, CRBT and IVR.

VAS over Cloud Leadership

In 2011, almost half a billion new smartphone devices were sold worldwide as well as many tablet devices. These networked devices provide easy access to Internet media and communications services such as Skype and Facebook; cannibalizing mobile operator revenues and challenging the operator’s traditional position, branding and customer loyalty; yet also presenting many new opportunities.

Operators are reliable, universal, private and trusted communications providers that enjoy a close subscriber relationship and they must leverage their core strengths to deliver reliable, private, accessible and exciting services.

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